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Our Story

Kids Running

The Inspiration

While working as an Athletic Director in Flint, Michigan, President and CEO Matt Christensen had multiple experiences with students not being able to play sports because of their financial situation. As a former athlete himself, he knew the importance sports had in his life. Some of the most influential people in his life were former coaches. Sports also teaches character traits that can be used in life after sports.

The Miracle Shot

Matt had been praying on a name for his new business. It was while he was sitting in church where the name came to him. He attends Bridgewood Church in Clarkston, Michigan. The Lead Pastor Curt Demoff was talking about times God had done a miracle in our lives. With the business fresh in his mind, he thought back to his half court shot he made in the video below. From there, "The Miracle Shot" was born.

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